ABOUT - Diane DiMemmo

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I am a classically trained flutist and majored in music performance at a conservatory on the East Coast. I was probably the only student there that listened to both Metallica and Mozart on a daily basis!! Unfortunately, due to severe stage fright issues, I had to change career paths and  became an elementary school teacher/author (an amazing privilege). I then switched paths again and helped create VCS Software, Inc.  Rock music, though,  has always been a constant in my life and photography provides the creative outlet I so desperately need. 

I think I find rock musicians fascinating because of the way they commandeer a stage with such confidence and heart; something I was unable to do. The energy, passion, artistry, and grit they demonstrate in live shows inspires, motivates, and moves so many people. I’m in awe of their larger than life presence on stage and the way they leave fans breathless and happy after every performance.

The joy I feel when I capture an image of a musician sharing their gift with the world is immeasurable. Writing about live music events is a passion as well, because I get to share the amazing concert experience with others. There is no better job!!!

Please check out my media publication - Asbury Park Vibes - for the latest  news on music events happening at the Jersey Shore! 

Contact me directly for tour, festival, and concert photojournalism. Based in the NJ/NY/PA area and always looking to collaborate.

Text or call: 908.216.0995

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